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Took a quiz. what kind of liberal am I?

Reality-Based Intellectualist, also known as the liberal elite. You are a proud member of what’s known as the reality-based community, where science, reason, and non-Jesus-centric thought reign supreme

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A speech to the Women of the World

1870 Mother’s Day Proclamation by Julia Ward Howe.  Music by Julia Ward Howe, orchestrated by Carmen Dragon.  Video by Ray McLain.

Kali Durga, taking names and kicking Ken Lay

I made this in 2005 for a conference at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts called Kannada Vrinda. It was about ancient Hindu temples in the Indian state of Kannada.  Quite fascinating. This work and that of five other artists were displayed in the Brown Auditorium of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts during the conference.

Six of the members of the Houston Women’s Caucus for Art were assigned the theme of “Hindu/Houston”.  How did we interpret the dynamic city of Houston interacting with Hindu culture?

I drew Kali Durga, wrathful goddess, riding serenely on her tiger, who is walking on Ken Lay and the Enron “E”.  The silver Enron building is in the background.

Kali Durga is wearing a modern business suit in the color Durga is normally portrayed as, dark blue, wearing skull jewelry(kapala-mala,string of skulls), carrying ancient symbols in her left hands:  the bell (ghanta) ringing the primal sound of the universe; the sword of wisdom (khadga), representing the battle against ignorance; the trident of Shiva.

In her right hands, she carries modern symbols: A red stapler, referencing Milton’s red stapler in the movie Office Space; a calculator which says “Ch.11”; and a round mirror, which represents vanity, impermanence and greed.  I came up with the modern symbols.

At the base of her throat she wears her seed mantra.  Her wild hair signifies that she is wrathful.

When this picture was shown on a large screen to the audience by Joy Mullett, President of HWCA, everyone laughed.  I succeeded!  It was great.

I plan to make more updated artworks of Hindu deities.

Kali Durga's tiger stomps on Ken Lay and the Enron "E"

Kali Durga's tiger stomps on Ken Lay and the Enron "E"


Twilight of the GOPs.

Fun to watch and entirely predictable.