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Rothko Chapel:Yahoo! says to see it before you die. That way, you’ll be depressed enough at least.

From an arts blog at The Houston Press (alternative paper).
I thought I was the only person that did not “get” Rothko.
No wonder the guy killed himself!!!!

My comment:
Lots of people have talked about what a happy place the Rothko Chapel is.

I thought it was depressing as hell. And several of my friends did too. The first thought I had was “No wonder he shot himself. I’d be depressed too if I painted that dark stuff”.

I never got what concepts he was trying to put across. So it’s dark and abstract. Gloomy. He should have put a tag next to it explaining what he was trying to tell people like me that do not understand.

I think a lot of people are not making their own judgments about the place. They have been told it’s a happy, spiritual place, and it was financed by big money (the Schlumberger fortune), and they have peacenik type events, memorials to MLK, Jr., so it must be what they say it is.

My own gut tells me it’s gloomy and depressing. And my gut never lies.


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