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Constant, manufactured outrage.

That’s all the so called MSM do.

And the Repuke obstructionists. They can dish it out but they can’t take it.

They don’t like anything the new administration does, and I’m glad Obama is not taking any crap off of them.

They called Adlai Stevenson an “egghead” back in the 1950s because he was intelligent.

They hated Al Gore.

They called Bill Clinton a redneck Bubba, and he could talk and think circles around them. That’s why they still hate Bill and Hillary. They are damn smart people and never lose their temper.

They hate intelligence, they hate education, they hate competence, they hate meritocracy.

They hate diversity, they hate even-temperedness.

Obama and his wife stand for everything they cannot stand.

So fuck ’em and the horses they rode in on…….

If they had done their job for the past eight years, they wouldn’t look so stupid.

They scream and yell like three year olds. ALL they can do is scream and call people names.

(see this week’s New Yorker cover)

Call the WAAAHHHHMMMMBulance!!!

Fascism will come to America under the guise of patriotism. — Huey P. Long
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