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“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives” — John Lennon

this is more and more obvious every day. The country is run by vicious, belligerent, narcissistic, sociopathic white men and their minions. They do not have a shred of decency. All they care about is money and power.  Greed is infinite.

We didn’t know about workers “going postal” until the Reagan years of union busting and mass layoffs.  It’s not a coincidence.

The rest of society suffers greatly in illness, stress, inability to cope, sudden death, alcoholism, social disruption, and so on.  The bosses are unreasonable. If those tax cuts worked, wouldn’t they have been hiring people instead of firing people by the millions and shipping the jobs overseas to increase their profits? We’ve had low taxes on the rich for the past eight years.


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