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Camellias budding!


My grandmother, Wilma, planted this camellia bush in 1974.  It’s about 15 feet high now.  They usually bloom around New Year’s Day. This one bloomed in October. It was confused because of the severe drought.  Now it’s blooming again.  Thank you, Mama Wilma, wherever you are….


Big Honkin’ Gnarly New Porchlights!!!

We saw Lewis Black last week. He’s awesome.

Lewis Black and Ray, Rose State College, Oklahoma City, January 26, 2012

Lewis Black & Sharon, Rose State College, Oklahoma City, Jan 26,2012

new house colors!

We got SNOW!!!

Snowed Thursday night. We built a snowman. He’s sitting down with a patriotic hat on.

Our Snowman!

DH and our sitting snowman

Holiday CD for sale! Preview at YouTube

I have put a promo/sampler for the enhanced CD “Rubber Solstice” I arranged & recorded for this year’s holiday season – on YouTube at

It can be purchased by $15 check to:

Ray McLain
PO Box 310
Grapeland, TX 75844

Saw Neil deGrasse Tyson speak in Stillwater

He spoke at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater on Nov. 6th for a benefit for the library sponsored by the alumni association.  I bought two of his books and got them signed and got my picture taken with him!! The books are “The Pluto Files” and “Death by Black Hole”.

Cool guy!!

FINALLY — cool weather!

Cool weather so I can work in the garden! So wonderful!
My zinnias all died and a new crop of them sprouted in the same pot.

Halloween pics – we had lots of trick or treaters

We strung orange and purple lights and set up our tent. Had a carved pumpkin.  Sprayed our hair green.  Got out the theremin just for the weirdness factor.


The tent and light setup by the patio door.


Carved pumpkin with candle inside.

Ray's lovely green hair

Ray's lovely green hair